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Sherri grew up in Beckley, West Virginia watching “Wonderful World of Disney” every Sunday night. She studied art at West Virginia University, which led to an appreciation of Walt Disney’s genius as an artist. Later, she and Mark, NDD#102, met and married and only afterwards realized that they were both huge fans of the Disney brand. Since discovering that they are “Disney people” Sherri and her husband have made yearly trips to Walt Disney World, while raising their three children to believe that wishes can come true. While at work, she enjoys being referred to as the “Disney guru.”

To help you solve these riddles, think of them as Six Degrees of Separation in Disney style. Here’s an example:

Link Tim Allen to Jonathon Taylor Thomas via Disney movies. You can use other characters and the stars who give their voices to them to link these two Home Improvement stars.  Note that there is not a predetermined number of links. It may be more or less than six.

1. Tim Allen= Toy Story with John Ratzenberger

2.  John Ratzenberger=Cars with Cheech

3. Cheech = Lion King with Jonathon Taylor Thomas

Now it’s your turn. Link The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast.

Send your answers to  Have your answers submitted by midnight on November 30th. All correct answers will be eligible for a prize drawing . This month’s prize is brought to you by Brenda Valdez, creator of Just Mickey.

Contributed by: Sherri J. (NDM#237). Sherri is our resident riddler .

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