1.   In cases of Disney neurosis, regular visits to the Confessional are needed on a monthly basis.

2.   Upon check-in at your Disney resort, if given the option of receiving a  room that is immediately available or waiting longer for the room request, always opt to wait for the room request.

3.   Disney is “the happiest place on earth.” When on vacation, one must be worthy of entrance.  When not on vacation, a limited amount of grumpiness is allowed.

4.   Whistle while you work.  If one cannot whistle, then humming is an acceptable alternative.  Disney tunes are preferred.

5.   As soon as the reservations are made, a Disney vacation countdown of some sort is required.

6.   When no longer connected with the Disney brand, it is unnecessary to be loyal to a celebrity (especially in cases of poor role models).

7.   Exactly seven months from check-in, the top priority of the day is making reservations for the non-home DVC resort of choice.  All other things to be done that day are secondary.

8.   Never get caught in a Disney bluff.

9.   Be gracious to people that lack the “Disney Spirit.”  Mickey still loves them, and so should we.

10.  If choosing between doing laundry or planning the perfect  Advanced Dinner Reservations in EPCOT, always opt for the dinner reservations.  No exceptions (even if the kids are running around without underwear)!

11.  All trip reports are created equal.

12.  To strike a healthy balance in the Disney podcast realm, one should regularly frequent the cranky, ranting type of podcasts as well as the overtly sentimental ones.

13.  Trips to Disney without children are not cause for concern.

14.  Disney “naysayers” can be the most likely converts when brought along for a Disney vacation.

15.  Disney pin collecting is a past-time to be respected and indulged.

16.  Resist the urge to become a part of the “Dog Eat Dog Disney World” even if you are bitten in a Disney online community.

17.  In terms of twitter, follow as many Disney tweeps as possible to share the love.

18. It takes a community to raise an alligator, but sometimes it’s OK to tell Mickey to handle alligator etiquette instruction on his own.

19.  Even though the trashcan’s name is PUSH, one should not bumrush this animatronic.

20.  It is advisable to always be armed with Post-It notes when in Disney so that the auto-flush on toilets can be disengaged by simply adhering the Post-It over the sensor.  This will prevent scaring small Mouseketeers while they are in “mid-stream” as well as keep adult buttocks splash-free.

21.  Two months prior to departure for a Disney vacation, the cell phone ring tone must play a Disney related tune (or at least have a “magical” sound).

22.  Even when the best of plans go awry, the situation can still be salvaged with a little creativity, flexibility, forgiveness, and pixie dust.

23 .  In order to be most efficient in the parks, breastfeeding discreetly during long, dark rides is completely appropriate.

24. Eating animals that talk (like Bambi) is strictly forbidden; however, eating animals of the non-verbal variety (such as generic deer) is acceptable.

25. Disappearing for a few minutes to photograph topiary is perfectly acceptable. (Submitted by Chris W. NDD 300)

26. Searching the internet for park and resort area loop audio and ride audio is encouraged (Submitted by Chris W. NDD 300)

27. Freely swap “Good Morning” with “Have a Nice Day” (submitted by Melissa M. NDM 542)

28. When someone says something nice or does a good job, you find yourself saying “good show.” (submitted by Melissa M. NDM 542)

29. Can’t seem to resist asking families if you’d like to take a picture for them so they are all included in the memory, even when away from the parks. (submitted by Melissa M. NDM 542)

30. Cringe if someone says what else is there besides the rides. (Hello Magic!!!) (submitted by Melissa M. NDM 542)

31. Find it hard to sleep 7 days and counting from vacation, the day you book the vacation, the day you confirm you reservation, the day you make character breakfast reservations… (submitted by Melissa M. NDM 542)

32. All your children have Disney birth books, birth announcements,  birthday parties, pajamas and bikes. Don’t judge. (submitted by Melissa M. NDM 542)

33.  When your family numbers five or more and you plan on visiting Disney at least every other year it is time to buy into the Disney Vacation Club.













46.  Only Disney related Facebook requests need to be considered.  All other requests can be ignored without guilt.





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  1. When taking bus rides with a chorus class, singing disney tunes in replace of camp songs is nessicary.

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