the old Playhouse Disney days!

the old Playhouse Disney days!

This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to Playhouse Disney. Bear in the Big Blue House was a big hit back then. I doubt I’m the only one who ever sings “What’s in the mail today?” while walking to the mailbox – even after all these years.

At times I got sick of the shows and the songs (and still get tired of the current shows), but I have to say I’d go back to those days in a second, just to see my older kids again at that age. On our next trip we’ll have a little one making her first trip, and it just so happens that she’s a big fan of the current shows, so we’ll stop by and catch the Disney Jr. Live on Stage show. Enjoy these times with your little ones, because they don’t stay small for long. And if your little ones aren’t so little any more, hopefully this photo takes you back to those times.

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