04-22-2014 iPad 1082

If your electronic device can take pictures, you should consider downloading the free Disney Channel Photo Finish app.

04-22-2014 iPad 1083

The app comes with several free packs and other packs are available for purchase if there’s a character you simply must have in your picture.  Within the free app are a good selection of characters and accessories to use in your picture creations.

04-22-2014 iPad 1084

Once you’ve decided which characters you’d like to include in your project, you need to access your device’s pictures to be able to edit them.

04-22-2014 iPad 1085

Select your picture and get to work.  You can try a variety of different things before you save a copy of your picture back to your photo area on your device.  Just tap the item you’d like to add to your photo and drag it where you’d like to place it on the picture.  You can resize the items to make them better fit your photo as well.

04-22-2014 iPad 1086

Multiple enhancements can be added to each picture so try out lots of different options before deciding on which one is just right.

04-22-2014 iPad 1087 04-22-2014 iPad 1088


Once you’ve got your picture just perfect, you can save it to your photo area on your device.  From there you can save to your computer or share on social networking sites with your parent’s permission.  Now you’re ready to move on to a new picture and customize with your favorite Disney Channel things.

This app is fairly easy to use so most kids will be able to add things to pictures without too much of a problem.

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