Calling All Collectors! A Celebration Track for the Bounty Hunters Among Us

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 17Collecting Star Wars is a favorite hobby for some and an obsession for others. The Collecting Track at Star Wars Celebration Orlando will feature in-depth information on a variety of topics from mainstream to delightfully obscure. This year the Collecting Track will be made up of the Star Wars Collector’s Stage and the Collectors’ Social Room.

  • Star Wars Collectors’ Stage, located in room W307ABC, will feature panels by expert collectors from all around the world.
  • Collectors’ Social Room, located in Room W306D near the collecting stage, is where collectors of Star Wars treasures can meet other like-minded people in space. Here fans can compare notes, swap items from their collections (and pins!), and engage with each other on very specific topics to the Collecting Universe.

Each Celebration, super-collector Gus Lopez and his team put together a great program, and an extra-special bonus for collectors. For every panel held throughout the Show on the Star Wars Collectors’ Stage, each attendee (to the capacity of the room) will receive an exclusive Star Tot, created by the collectors for Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Look for sneak peeks soon at

Gus Lopez

SWCO-17-Collectors-Stage-Gus-LopezGus Lopez created The Star Wars Collectors Archive ( in 1994, the first Star Wars collecting website on the Internet and virtual museum of Star Wars collectibles. He is a frequent speaker at conventions on Star Wars collecting topics and has led the Collecting Track for the Star Wars Celebration conventions. Gus is a frequent contributor on Star Wars collecting for various publications and co-authored four books covering different aspects of Star Wars collectibles.

Join Lopez and his team of experts as they present a variety of topics from hunting to preserving to displaying, at the Collecting Track at Star Wars Celebration.

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